Solid Wood Bundle Pack (Code: SW-PACK)

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Price: 50.00 GBP
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Solid Wood Bundle Pack

This solid wood bundle pack contains a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses. See below a list of sheet sizes which will be included:

  • 1 x     Solid Maple sheet sized 555mm x 121mm x 18mm
  • 5 x     Solid Oak sheet sized 120mm x 95mm x 18mm
  • 1 x     Solid Oak sheet sized 817mm x 121mm x 18mm
  • 1 x     Solid Oak sheet sized 596mm x 121mm x 12mm
  • 3 x     Solid Oak sheet sized 195mm x 121mm x 12mm

The pack contains wood thicknesses which we no longer stock, therefore once it’s gone, it’s gone!

This sustainably sourced, solid oak and maple is supplied sanded and planed. The thickness of wood included in this pack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Just remember to treat the wood with a preserver when using it outdoors.

Please be aware that solid wood is a natural product. There may be knots, holes and slight “imperfections” across the sheet. We believe that this adds to the beauty of the product.

Our solid wood is sourced directly from a wood mill where they cut it to thickness for us. As timber has a natural tolerance in terms of how much it can expand and contract before succumbing to warping or shrinkage. The amount of shrinkage in wood will vary from species to species, but essentially, wood warping occurs when the moisture content of different parts of a piece of wood changes unevenly. Whilst we make every effort to ensure the wood dries out equally, occasionally the wood we supply may show signs of being “cupped”.

In our experience the slight cupped effect will not hinder the engraving process.