Clearance Sale! Silver Acrylic Mirror 3mm (Code: AMS)

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Price: 3.50 GBP
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Clearance Sale! Please be aware that this material is scratched. 

Silver Mirror Acrylic 

High Quality XT Acrylic Mirror sheet which is ideal for use on CNC, Rotary and laser machines. This product is ideal for signage, displays and other internal applications.

For best results, this material should be engraved through the reverse side (grey). Using reverse text. Suitable for the use with acrylic paints.

Please note that some adhesives can attack the mirrored surface. Please test expendable pieces at least 72 hours in advance to determine suitability. Solvent gluing at edges may cause crazing.

Protective masking should not be removed until fabrication is complete.

Please note custom sizes may be subject to an additional charge. Contact us for a quotation, by email or call 0845 9008 908.

For more information on this product, find the Safety Data Sheet on our Downloads Page.